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December 7-13, 2020
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Monday, 13. 12. 2021, 7 PM:

George Pólya day: ”Problem solving from the standpoint of George Pólya”

7:30 PM:

Online lecture ”The Future of Education“ (The number of attendants is limited to 100)

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Learning about problem solving in education is now available to everyone interested in the field. In the week that commemorates the birth of a problem solving pioneer, Hungarian mathematician Pólya György, whose book How to Solve It explains the principle behind problem solving, we are organizing the first problem solving week in the region. Through workshops and panels, the attendees will actively participate in the acquisition and application of problem solving skills. Together we are strengthening the global problem solving community and implementing new approaches to education and life, while commemorating the 133rd birth anniversary of this great scientist.

Sertifikati i bodovi

Recognition for everyone


Brainfinity Week participants get an invaluable experience.

  • Professional development points for teachers

    Teachers who register for Brainfinity Week and attend workshops and panels will win professional development points.
  • Certificates

    As a confirmation that you are a successful and innovative problem-solver, a new generation teacher, you will receive a certificate for successfully solving the problem.

For all members of the
problem solving community

Brainfinity Week is an event that brings together all problem solvers who would like to explore the ways in which they can implement this approach into their activities with maximum benefits. Various participants will have a chance to create and solve problems or present their creative interpretations of the problem solving practice in ways that are adequate for their group, thereby acquiring valuable experience and new knowledge through interactive work on examples.

The Brainfinity Week of problem solving is open to literally everyone – this is why we have prepared unique opportunities for all participants to get involved and acquire skills that will open the pathway towards an innovative approach to any challenge, along with ideas they will be able to apply in all areas.


Why is
Brainfinity Week good for you?

Brainfinity Week is an event without borders: by observing the problem solving week, you will join this global community in striving towards expanding views and adopting knowledge that still has no great visibility in these parts, although it is hugely important for the advancement of approaches to solving all sorts of problems.

Teachers will receive professional training credits, students have an opportunity to qualify for the second phase of the Brainfinity problem solving competition, while schools and companies will receive certificates of participation in Europe’s first problem solving week.


Brainfinity 2021 problem solving week program

Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 7 PM

”What have we learned so far and where are we going?“ (Brainfinity day)

Ivan AnićYou will hear what the experiences regarding the Brainfinity project have been in the three years of its existence from the project author himself, Ivan Anić. You will learn how to prepare children for the challenges of Brainfinity, and why it is important for their future, as well as what is the role of teachers and parents in modern problem-solving.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 7 PM

“Air pollution“ (School day)

The second round of qualifications in Brainfinity 2022 required students to explore whether one person-one car is the most common traffic situation. In the second step of this challenge, problem solvers tried to persuade drivers to quit that practice, and to car-pool with their neighbors, cousins or friends in a video message. The criterion for this challenge was that the video message hits at least 500 views on one of the social media, and it represents a collage of our problem solvers’ works.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021, right after

“Surveying in the new media age“

Geometry originated as a practical way to handle lengths, areas, volumes, and although it has changed a lot since then, the general concepts that lie in the basis of geometry remain unchanged, regardless of the method of work. In this workshop, students used their stride length to measure the distances needed for a triangle, while using their classmates as the vertices. You will learn what creative approaches students used for geodetic design featuring different elements, and what new media, such as Geogebra, they used. The workshop is held by Jasmina Savković.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021, right after

“Getting out of the box“

Seven teams headed by Aleksandra Žižić have participated in Brainfinity since its very beginning, and this is the reason why the workshop was created in the first place. Participants in the workshop introduced their teams, explaining what solving Brainfinity challenges and the competition itself mean to them, as well as what are the effects of this form of learning and cooperation in a video they made. The video also explained how they got together, what motivates them, how they solve challenges as a team, and many other things.

Thursday, December 9, 2021, 7 PM

“High expectations - increased performance“ (Support day)

To what extent does faith in success actually lead to success, and what is the role of parents and teachers in all that? Brainfinity has faith in its contestants, and success is guaranteed, which can be seen by their performance in the competition. You will hear more about this, and many other things from one of the leading experts in educational psychology – Dragica Pavlović – Babić.

Friday, December 10, 2021, 7 PM

“Do we understand each other?“ (Communication day)

Imagine meeting a person who does not speak any language you use, but who wants to tell you something very important, or imagine being on an important mission, where you need to send messages that should be comprehensible only to the chosen audience. How would you solve this problem? 

It is well known that mathematics is the language of science. However, in this case, we want to know what is the place of mathematics in living languages, and vice versa, where do living languages fit into mathematics, and who helped whom to develop? We will show how to use the Morse code, Braille, and sign language as teaching aids that utilise three senses – hearing, sight, and touch with the aim of developing interdisciplinary competences. 

The workshop is held by Zorana Lužanin, professor at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics in Novi Sad.

Saturday, December 11, 2021, 6 PM

”The Great Resignation“ (Problem day)

Something truly amazing is happening around the world: an unprecedented number of employees with secure and well-paid jobs are quitting. The aim of this challenge is to determine what is happening with all the people who quit their jobs, and what is the future of the workforce.

This video problem is a task for all listeners. Send your answers to You will find the best solutions in a new video published by Vladislav Radak regarding the rising trend of layoffs, and the teachers who solve this task will receive a certificate.

On the Problem day, the participants will finally find out about the solution of the problem “Kebab”.

Sunday, December 12, 2021, 6 PM

“Brainfinity and corporate problem solving” (Bussiness day)

What are the most important skills for the future labor market, and how does Brainfinity help develop those skills? How can Brainfinity help people from the corporate world adapt to the fourth industrial revolution, and what are the companies’ expectations from Brainfinity? All this and more you can hear from Slobodan Anić, director of Ametek Serbia.

All participants are invited to discuss Brainfinity Week and educational trends with our lecturers. The main topic is: what our children need to be successful in the coming times?

Monday, December 13, 2021, 7 PM

“Problem solving from the standpoint of George Polya” (George Polya day)

Aleksandra RosićBrainfinity Week 2021 will end by honoring George Polya, on his birthday. George Polya is one of the greatest mathematicians of the twentieth century, and more importantly for us, one of the pioneers of problem solving. In this interesting lecture, you can hear what advice the father of problem solving has for the new generations, as well as for teachers, and how they can help develop these skills. The lecture will be held by Aleksandra Rosić.

Monday, December 13, 2021, 7:30 PM

Lecture ”The Future of Education“

All participants are invited to discuss Brainfinity Week and educational trends with our lecturers. The main topic is: what our children need to be successful in the coming times?

A skill of the future that brings instant results

According to the World Economic Forum, problem solving is one of the most important skills of the 21st century. The simplest definition of problem solving would be: “the ability to find a solution using all available information “.

Problem solving entails solving real-life problems using intelligence and creativity.

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